Meeting this Friday: Experiencing the Invisible God

Time: Dinner at 7 pm; followed by Bible story readings and small group discussion at 8 pm.  

Location: Green House Cafe;  first floor of PTCB (725 N. Wolfe St.); use the entrance located on the northeast corner of Wolfe and Monument Streets.  Click map for directions.  Meter parking  ($1.00 for two hours) is available on Monument St. 


New Series: Experiencing the Invisible God

Life with God doesn’t always work as we think.  High expectations slam against the reality of personal weaknesses and unwelcome surprises.  And God who we’ve been told longs for our company may seem distant and emotionally unavailable. 

This relationship with a God we can’t see, hear, or touch—how does it really work?

We'll explore this question through God's engagement in the lives of Jacob, Joseph, Tamar, Judah, and Ruth.  We’ll join their life journeys through our readings from the Old Testament books of Genesis and Ruth as we look to God who offers us Himself as part of the answer.  





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