Jesus: The Global King series begins this Friday January 25th

Time: Dinner at 7 pm; followed by Bible story readings and small group discussion at 8 pm

(See series description below.)

Location: Green House Cafe;  first floor of PTCB (725 N. Wolfe St.); use the entrance located on the northeast corner of Wolfe and Monument Streets.  Click map for directions.  Meter parking  ($1.00 for two hours) is available on Monument St. 


Jesus: The Global King

In a carefully researched account, Luke shows Jesus engaging people of every class and background--Jews, Samaritans, Greeks, Romans soldiers, the poor, women, children, the powerful, the powerless, the sick the fearful, the devout, the irreligious. He has something to offer everyone, including us. Luke shows us Jesus as the international King whose words and works have global implications. 







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