Meeting Weekly on Friday Evening Beginning September 6th

Location: Green House Cafe;  first floor of PTCB (725 N. Wolfe St.); use the entrance located on the northeast corner of Wolfe and Monument Streets.  Click map for directions.  Meter parking  ($1.00 for two hours) is available on Monument St. 

Time: Dinner at 7 pm followed by Genesis readings and small group discussion at 7:50 pm.

Series: Finding Our Purpose In God

Throughout time people have considered the world in which we live; the complexity and beauty of nature, the mystery of life and death, the depth of human joy and pain ...and they have wondered, ‘How did it all come to be? Is there something, or someone, behind it all? And if there is such a being, then what is He like? Does He have a purpose for this world and for me? We’ll explore these questions over the next several weeks, in selected readings and guided discussion from the Old Testament book of Genesis.







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